Post Nuclear Family
This is the reunion site for the Post Nuclear Family. Mutants are welcome.


We are the people that managed to survive, and we did it through innovation, ingenuity, and community. Our camp is the safe haven for everyone and anything that emerges from the cracks in the earth.

Music will guide survivors to the camp. Whoever makes it to us is welcome to experience Free Electroshock Therapy in the form of a small tesla coil that will provide much-needed energy and succor for the traveler. We also have a hand-crafted conversation chair that pitches two conspirators at a perfect angle for planning the next world. There will be a black light DJ station with spinners and wandering DJs can jack-in (no, we are not a sex camp… but we are sexy).

From time to time we’ll have the art car “Sensatron 5000” at the camp before it wiggles out into the night with music and adventurers. We also have a micro-bar that will be open in the magic hour from Thursday on. There is also a personal devil-faced transport that will glide on the playa.

And we will have more for people to see and do, but that is for the rest of our campmates to say, and they are still rubbing their squinting eyes at the new sun, gathering their force and preparing to blow our minds.